Looking perfectly beautiful is a priority for most South Korean women hence having well groomed hair and makeup is important to them to complete the beautiful face image.

This May, I am honored to be able to organize a Korean Styling Course with Korea OSAN University for a group of aspiring makeup artist. I want this course to allow the entire participating makeup artists to be able to learn the authentic Korean style hair and makeup styling and also it will be a great cultural exchange experiences. We were very fortunate to attend styling class at Korea OSAN University and this time round, we also have the opportunities to learn tons of styling techniques at the authentic Seoul Korean beauty salon of Professor Hwang who had done a lot of wonderful work for styles trends magazines.

Let me briefly share with you part of my learning experiences from makeup to hair styling.

[70% of a perfect make up consist of a good foundation setting]
Korean foundation strongly emphasize on achieving dewy and luminous skin hence most Korean women key concerns is hydrating and whitening. The key point to achieve the translucent luminous complexion is by using the layering technique of BB cream and CC cream or using air cushion foundation, to retain the natural translucent glow, only adequate amount of loose powder is used on correcting to allow the face appear to be flawlessly natural and retain the dewy feel. Unlike the popular warm complexion in other countries, Korean translucent radiance foundation complexion style give a youthful and vibrant feel!

[Setting your style with delicate details of your brow and eyes makeup]
Korean women are normally seen to be gentle and innocent childlike youthful image, it is partially due to their straights brows. There are an increasing numbers of self-proclaimed authentic Korean straight brows but most had either overdo the thickness or draw stiff shape brows. We are lucky to witness Professor Hwang live demo on drawing the authentic brows with gentle angle smoothing technique using layering and mixing of eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil to achieve the gentle and natural gradation.

[Lip colors that enhances healthy skin color]
The up-coming lip color trend will be toward natural pinkish-orange tone and strawberry color which bring out healthy glow and youthfulness image!

[Korean natural hairstyle]
Deceivingly simple and natural hairstyles consist of real delicate and careful hairstyling techniques. Korean’s ways of hair blow and style, C curve hair iron tong, hair tie techniques, are very different from the usual styling techniques what Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan stylists adapt and in amazingly fast speed too. A simple and elegant hairstyle required even more patient and thoughtfulness of the stylist to create a beautiful yet natural hairdo.

For those who seek beauty.
The emerged and growing Korean beauty trends had the beauty trends on lock. Dare to pursue the beauty in you and discover your inner and outer beauty with the latest Korean beauty trends!



韓式底妝重視水潤透白,因此韓國女士們很著重保濕和美白,混合BB cream 和CC cream 或氣墊粉底,堆疊做出光透白亮點質感,為了保留透明度,只用少量蜜粉局部修飾,讓臉部的粉薄透均勻,保持肌膚水嫩感覺.那透亮的膚質會讓我們感覺活力光 彩,不同於其他國家喜愛的暖色調.



EK Makeup Studio (SG) Stylist Director – Eesha Ke